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Things to Have in Your Car in the Winter

These are all really important items to keep in your car in the winter.

  1. Ice Scraper- to scrap snow and ice off vehicle.
  2. Windshield Washer Fluid- will melt ice off your windshield.
  3. Kitty Litter- provides traction for your tires to get out of an icy parking space. 
    Sherpa Blankets

  4. 3-4 Blankets- in case of an accident in which it might be a while before plows get to you. Especially if the weather is bad and there happens to be a Tow Ban.
  5. First Aid Kit- This is something you want every day of the year but just like the above in case of accident you want to be able to provide first aid for minor injuries. 
  6. Hand Warmers- you can use this to keep yourself warm and use it to thaw bottled water if frozen.
  7. Bottled Water- you always want clean water that you don’t have to boil, now it may freeze in below freezing weather which is why I included hand warmers in this list. w
  8. Reflective wear- in case you have to leave your car in any instance, this will help other cars see you in low visibility.
  9. Non-Perishable Food- this could be chips, crackers, anything that won’t expire right away, it might not be nutritious but in case of an accident it will keep you fed and if your fed you’re more likely to stay warm
  10. Full Tank of Gas- my mom and dad always make sure I have a full tank anytime in the winter. Once again if in an accident having a full tank of gas can save your life in the winter because as long as it’s safe you can keep your car on and your heat, which in freezing temps is a life saver.
  11. Car phone charger- keeps your phone charged. 
    pile of coiled cables on a wooden floor or table
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  12. Extra layers of clothes- you don’t want to be in wet clothes which can happen pretty easy in the winter. 
    Close up image of sweaters and their knit material texture
    Photo by Karolina Ostrzolek from Pexels

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