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Television Show Review by Lindsey Greer

Winter break for me has been a lot of time spent at home and I am not much of a homebody. However, during my last semester I found a show on the Travel Channel called “The Dead Files” looking through shows to utilize for a class project on Discovery+. I absolutely loved the show and over break decided that it was worth more time.

“Then Dead Files” is a paranormal show that follows Medium Amy Allen and retired New York Police Detective Steve Di Schiavi as they investigate paranormal activity in different locations. Steve uses his skill set to investigate the history behind the locations of their cases through historical research at local libraries and historical societies, police stations and through other methods. He is also the one who meets with the owners or residents of the place they are investigating to get the story behind what is occurring or any known history. Amy has a more “hands-on” approach. She has an assistant that goes into the places before her and creates a “blind” space. Anything that could give her clues such as pictures, knick knacks, etc are removed or covered. She and her assistant then go in at night, alone, and walk through. She utilizes her skills as a medium to assess what is occurring in the place they are investigating. After both Amy and Steve have completed their individual investigations, they come together at the end with the residents or owners to compare and discuss. From what I have observed in watching the show, they are never very far off from each other. In fact, Amy is generally very accurate in what she finds as a medium to the factual information that Steve finds.

This show is fun to watch. Amy explains her way through the places they investigate and is descriptive as to what she is feeling or finding. Steve is very good at his investigations and uses his skills as a detective well. The show is entertaining and suspenseful. I have found it worth the watch for sure. If you are a non-believer in paranormal phenomena, this show has a way of somewhat making you rethink your views because of how accurate Amy is. Even if a person is a non-believer, it is still a fun show to watch and I highly recommend it.

I am a Junior and non-traditional student at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, where I major in Social Work and a double minor in Sociology and Pre-Law. I'm a small-town farm girl who almost always has coffee or an energy drink in hand & I'm very passionate about the things I believe in! I intend to work in advocacy for Domestic Abuse/Violence, Sexual Assault, Mental Health, and Child Abuse with the goal of achieving better resources, better education, and better laws.
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