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Fall is the most beautiful time of the year, especially when we have autumn temperatures. Everything green starts to die and turn red, orange, yellow, and brown. Driving down Locust Street, I pass through what I call the Tunnel of Fall: trees line both sides of the road and it’s like driving by walls covered with red, orange, and yellow blotches.

Here in Davenport, we’re finally getting steady fall temperatures. Once we get into the sixties and low seventies, it’s perfect weather for sweaters, scarves, cute hats, and boots. Fall weather is chilly enough to wear sweaters and leggings with a cute beanie and a pair of booties but it’s also nice enough to wear a hoodie and shorts. Fall temperatures are a happy medium and the outfit possibilities are endless.

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards open up and have perfect photo opportunities. They flood Instagram profiles every year without fail, and I have no complaints. The colors are beautiful, the outfits are great for inspiration, and you can almost always get a yummy treat when visiting!

Fall is Gilmore Girls season. I rewatch the entire show every fall because the vibes are so fitting. Stranger Things is also a good show to watch in the fall. With Halloween coming up, Stranger Things gives a sense of spookiness to prepare for the holiday. Speaking of Halloween, the creativity that goes into costumes gets more complex as you get older. Rather than buying a standard costume, people create their own by bringing together a variety of elements which is a fun process.

Pumpkin spice is nice, but what about soups and chili? We do not talk about this enough. Nobody wants to eat hot broths in summer heat and fall is the perfect transition to start preparing those hearty meals. Fall foods get tied into one meal for Thanksgiving, another perk of the season. Giving thanks to friends and family, but also getting to eat so much that you take a nap immediately after? It cannot get much better than that.

 Fall is the season of butternut squash. You can do anything with it: incorporate it into the entree, sides, and even dessert!

No other season can compete with fall fashion, recipes, or the overall vibe of autumn.

Kirsten is an editor at HC@SAU. Beyond HC, Kirsten is involved on campus with the Quercus social media and editorial teams. She plans to attend St. Ambrose University to pursue her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Kirsten is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders. In her free time, Kirsten likes to write poetry, play disc golf, and try out family-owned restaurants! A fun fact about Kirsten is that she loves whale sharks.