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Thank you, SAU!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

    Sitting in Rogo during my last week as a St. Ambrose University undergraduate student is a strange feeling. I’m trying to reflect on all the memories and encounters I’ve had over the last four years but there are too many to highlight as the best. I’ve laughed, cried, been nervous and honored, but most of all, I have learned.

    Yes, I sat through an insane amount of lectures during my time at SAU, but I honestly think I learned the most outside of the classroom. I learned those real life skills that will be put into action in about three months when I move out of my parents’ house for good. I’ve learned how to be confident and lead a group of students and go to mass or the cafeteria by myself (even if it was just to get a to-go). I’ve learned how to handle stress on multiple occasions and balance a busy friends and a workload on a weekly basis. I learned how to give and receive support from friends, staff and faculty members. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and try new foods, go new places and talk to new people. Thankfully, all of these have turned into wonderful experiences.

    I have learned that the faculty members honestly care about my success and will do anything to help me pass a class, graduate and find a job. I’ve learned that it is acceptable to email them about any and all concerns and freak-outs about a class and they will kindly reply and calm my nerves. These people have inspired me to be the most fascinating teacher for my future students as possible. I was involved in Campus Ministry since the day I moved onto campus as I was a part of their NSS group. Now, four years later, I am about to attend my last mass in the grotto and prepare for the Commencement Mass on Saturday. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the friends and connections I have made through campus ministry.

    Most of all, I have learned about my friends. It is acceptable to eat a bowl of cereal at 9:00 at night, and if you announce it to the apartment, you might have company. I have learned about their interests and their strengths (shout-out to those who help me pick out clothes on the weekends and those who plan to help me decorate my future classroom and apartment). I have learned who is a morning person and who likes to stay up late. Although I already knew how to share and live with someone, I truly learned what it meant to live with someone as we made our way through Cosgrove, Rohlman, McCarthy and Hagen. I wouldn’t trade anything for these girls and I know I will miss them terribly when we leave SAU on Sunday for the last time.

    Honestly, I’m afraid of what will happen after graduation. Even though I have a job and am in the process of apartment hunting, I’m still nervous. I found myself calling Ambrose home by the time I returned to Mom and Dad’s for Labor Day Weekend of my freshman year. Now I’m beyond sad to leave, and frankly, the G word (graduation) was forbidden in our apartment earlier in the semester because nobody wanted to think about it. But now we have to. I’m sure whatever is in my future will work out just the way it was meant to, but it’s the thought of leaving my home that is sad and scary and exciting all at the same time. No matter who you are or how I encountered you, all I can say is thanks for BEEing there, because everyone at Ambrose is family and family is forever.