Tattoo Inspo

1. Work of Art

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We love dainty and pastel tattoos, but this one has a richness of color.

2. Forget-Me-Not

Elegant forget me not tattoo on the inner wrist

Forget-me-not flowers can have a lot of meaning for each individual person. Try looking at other forget-me-not flower tattoos for more inspiration! 

3. Font is Everything

31 Collarbone Quote Tattoos That Are as Meaningful as They Are Sexy

We love this font and this tattoo's placement!

4. Find a Comfortable Placement

Sitting on the rib is the wonderful quote that just expresses a simple point. The cursive writing makes the three words delightful, sweet and girly. Tatted directly on the skin, it is surely inspiring for the religious women out there.

Do you want your tattoo hidden or exposed? For a hidden tattoo, try a placement like this!

5. Art

shoulder blade tattoo mountains

Maybe you want to have an intricate art tattoo that will reflect your spirit.

6. Colorfully Meaningful

Color costs more, but it may be that factor you're missing!

7. Disney Tattoo

Winnie The Pooh tattoo

No list is complete without a Disney tattoo. WARNING: You may be caught in a loophole going through all the Disney tattoos that have been done!


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