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Summary of My Summer as an Americorps Member

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Starting in 2022, I began my journey with Americorps through the City of Davenport. In this program, you can volunteer at places like Davenport Community Schools, Davenport Parks and Recreation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Putnam Museum, and so much more. I was pushed and pulled everywhere so I was able to try out all kinds of experiences.

Retention Member

For this summer, I served as a Retention Member alongside the head person for Americorps. I was an assistant for this position; so I was told what to do. I helped run the meetings, filled out a ton of paperwork, and assembled member manuals for all the members. I was originally supposed to mentor high schoolers working this summer, but that all fell through. Aside from getting a sick desk with double monitors, I was disappointed with the position. Many days I sat there doing my homework and listened to my boss talk about her life (she was cool). 


During the middle of the summer, I reached out to my old boss, and she said I could come in and help anytime. I took her up on that request. There were many staff issues, so I decided to step in and help. What turned into a week was at least two months. Throughout this job, I: 

  • Made a DHS call (the child is okay now)
    • I cried for an entire week after the call because I love that child so much
  • Had a parent scream in my face because I was making sure their child had food to eat
  • Wrote many accident reports because we had many accident-prone children
  • Had a child make goodie bags for all of the staff (and included me because I was his favorite)
  • Had a returner ask for my number so she could “still stay in contact with me” (I did not give her my number lol)
  • Created a bond with a child I had many issues with last year (we are besties now)
  • Became close friends with one of my co-workers named Rehema. We still stay in contact!
  • Yelled at one of the workers because they refused to accompany my group during a field trip
    • They didn’t want to “walk in the rain” (it was sprinkling)
  • We had a kid bite another kid
    • That was a fun talk to have with the bitten child’s guardian

Moreover, it was a rough summer but I had many memories to look back on!

Junior Theatre

There were two weeks when they needed some additional hands to run the camps. My friend Rehema and I volunteered. During Junior Theatre, I:

  • Was a camp assistant for the first week
  • Helped in the Yellow group which were mostly 3rd-4th graders
    • One of the campers said their favorite part of camp was meeting me
  • Met this super cool teacher named Max who carried a mug around every day
    • Decided to do the same thing and we bonded over it
  • Fell and scraped up my legs
    • Was bandaged up and iced by the man who runs the camp
  • Was a Teacher’s Assistant for the second week
    • With a teacher who had an….interesting way of teaching
    • She was super cool though and very knowledgeable!
    • I learned a lot from her
  • Did musical theatre
    • Lived out my Broadway dream
    • I still know the Choreography 
  • Taught a little girl how to put on a pad because she had a UTI
    • Thought it was a period at first, but thankfully it wasn’t
    • At least she knows how to put one on now
  • Got pink eye from one of the campers (never again)
  • After having the Pink Eye, I said I would never work there again. But it was cool!

Special Events

I volunteered at 5 events; they were: Family Fun and Fitness Day at Fejervary Park, Youthfest at Fejervary Park, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Picnic, Party in the Park at Emeis, and the annual Back to School Bash. Here are some highlights of all these events:

Family Fun and Fitness Day at Fejervary Park

  • Colored with some children
  • Met a llama named Larry
  • Went in the Bounce House
    • Super bad idea…I was trampled by Elementary Schoolers

YouthFest at Fejervary Park

  • Colored with a bunch of children
  • Reunited with my little campers from the Day Camp
    • Ended up yelling at one because he was climbing on equipment not built to hold bodies
  • Reunited with Larry once again
    • Tried to kiss me this time
    • My friend Mandy was able to communicate with the llama by mimicking its humming noise

Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Picnic

  • Helped Tie-Dye shirts
  • Met a cool little boy who tried to hand over his sibling for me to carry
    • The mom ran over in time to grab the sibling
    • Was excited to come back and help his mom tie-dye a shirt
  • Met a little girl (maybe middle school) who was obsessed with Five Nights at Freddy’s
    • I played all the games and still am a big fan
    • We geeked out about the movie being released in October
  • Met a guy my age who worked for the company and began Snapping each other
    • Ended up ghosting him because he made me uncomfortable

Party In the Park at Emeis

  • Met a high schooler who I spent so much time with that night. Will never forget him! He was so sweet
  • Learned to play 9 square
    • Which is just four square but for more people
  • Got to see my super cool boss; Sherrie
    • I also got to see her son and his girlfriend (they went to high school with me)
    • Got free ice cream from Sherrie’s daughter
  • Got free stuff!
  • Got to spend time with Rehema again!

Back to School Bash at Fejervary Park

  • Not as fun because I was the only Americorps member there
  • Got to reunite with Larry again!
  • Met a cool woman who does outreach at the Figge 
  • Colored with some cool kids!
  • A kid bit another kid and 911 had to be called
    • The biter’s grandma darted as soon as she could

Overall, it was a fun summer. I am so grateful to be a part of Americorps because of the endless opportunities I was able to have. For this school year, I work in Adaptive and Inclusion through Davenport Parks and Recreation!

Dani Stevens is an editor at the HC chapter at SAU. She oversees article editing. Beyond HC, Dani is involved on campus in SAAT and symphonic band. She also works in the music department as a work study. Dani is majoring in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education. In her free time, Dani plays clarinet and saxophone. She also is a mom to six plants. In the summer, she works as a camp coordinator. For this year, Dani is working in Adaptive and Inclusion through Davenport Parks and Recreation. She also runs her own podcast called Pop Culture Blast.