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Spring into Spring Fashion

Spring break is almost here and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This week away from school gives college students the chance to escape the never-ending winter by running off to tropical locations.

I can almost smell the suntan lotion that I won’t be applying as I sit my sorry butt in Davenport, Iowa.

If you’re like me, you’re stuck in the Midwest over break where the temperature highs may reach a whopping 55 degrees. Hey, compared to the past few months, I definitely can’t complain. Shorts and tank tops may not be in our near future, but that doesn’t mean we have to dress as awful as the weather outside. Here’s a few ways you can start implementing spring trends back into your wardrobe before spring finally makes its appearance.

Lace: This dainty look has been a spring trend for a while now. Add a scarf, jacket or cardigan to warm up a simple lace shirt, and you’re ready to go.

Pastels: Pastels are always a go-to for the spring season. Light pinks, baby blues and muted purples are essential for spring time. Find blouses with interesting backs for added fun.

Bright colors: You may have been able to get away with wearing all black everything all winter, but now that spring is (almost) here, it’s time to bust out some colors. Bright pinks, oranges and blues will essentially melt away whatever ice is left outside this spring.

Although dressing for spring isn’t an easy task (especially in this weather), look around your closet. You’d be amazed at what outfits you could put together.


(Side note: Thanks to my wonderful roomie, Lexi for putting up with me and being my model)

I'm Amanda, a junior PR major at St. Ambrose. I enjoy long walks on the beach and queso.
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