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Spring Nail Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

With the first day of Spring here and gone, but it brought with it BEAUtiful weather. So to get fully into the Spring style, we put together a group of nail polish colors that will give anyone the feeling of warm weather.

We couldn’t decide which colors were the best for the season, but pastels are your go-to for any Spring outfit. Pinks, purples and blues are a safe bet. Don’t forget about a vibrant red to make your toes stand out in any cute pair of sandals or flip-flops.

With brands from Wet n Wild, Sinful Colors, Avon, and Insta-Dry, you will have plenty of color options to fit any of your outfit needs.

So while the weather is starting to warm up, spend some time soaking up the sun and painting those nails to get full on ready for Spring!