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Some of King’s Harvest Pet Rescue’s Residents

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.


Meet Skunk! He is a one year old Lab/Pit mix and weighs roughly 40 pounds. He can be shy and timid at first but loves to play! He does well with other dogs, unsure about cats but can be tested!


This is Tuffs! She is an adult tabby and lost her ears due to ear mites or frostbite during her time as an outdoor cat.

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Meet Joanie! She is a two year old Kelpie mix that weighs about 45 pounds. Joanie can be a little anxious so a home with another dog is recommended because she loves to have another canine friend to play with. However, she does not like cat friends so only dogs for her!
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These two are Kolby Jack and Nipsy! Both male cats and about one year old, Kolby Jack is an orange tabby and Nipsy is black and white. They get along really well so it would be lovely for them to be adopted together but it is not necessary!
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Meet Oreo! He is a one year old Dane/Pit mix that weighs about 67 pounds. Oreo does great with other dogs and children, unsure about cats but can be tested!

King’s Harvest Pet Rescue is a no-kill shelter located at 2504 W Central Park Avenue in Davenport, Iowa. They are almost always at maximum capacity because they take in more homeless animals as soon as some get adopted out. Their adoption fees are as follows: Adult cats are $80, kittens are $100, and dogs range from $200-$300 depending on age and breed. The adoption process is thorough to ensure that the pets are finding good homes. You can fill out an application for adoption in person or on their website, kingsharvestpetrescue.org .  If you have any questions, they can be contacted at 563-386-3117 or kingsharvestpetrescue@gmail.com .

Stop in for the possibility of meeting your new best friend!

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