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So it’s Finals Week…

First off, take a deep breath. When it comes to Hell week, Finals Week, the “week that you never sleep,” whatever you call it, you are not alone! The last remaining days of the academic school year, happen to be the most stressful time for everyone. From procrastinating an assignment and working on it until that last minute it's due, to the amount of sleep you’re not going to be getting, finals week is something that cannot be avoided. Here are a few things every person should know about finals, and how to keep on swimming…

                Getting a head start in your school work will pay off in the end. During those last few weeks, it’s important to stay on top of all the last minute details for your classes. Using every extra minute that you have will show that you’re motivated and determined to finish strong. Don’t give up. Just keep telling yourself that the task you just completed is one less thing you have to do now.

                Use the school’s resources as much as possible. St. Ambrose offers the Student Success Center, where you can bring in homework help, a last minute look for that final paper or project, and guidance to succeed for finals. Teachers and professors are here to help as well. Take advantage of their office hours, and seek help when needed. They want to see you succeed and finish strong in their classes. Spend time in the library, the Beehive, computer labs; anywhere where there will not be distractions keeping you from studying.

                Taking a break from life’s distractions is also important. It is tough for me to actually come out and say this, but step away from the Netflix. The thought of not watching Orange is the New Black or finding out what’s happening on the next episode of House of Cards is like a dagger to my heart, but studying for classes seems to trump everything else.

 All social media will still be there when you have completed your project for that core class.

                Another important factor is sleep. Now, as I say this, I should probably be taking my own advice as well. Sleep doesn’t come easily during this last week because it’s a constant battle with your mind if you feel fully prepared for the project or final that’s due the next day. Trust me, one thing I have learned going through a few finals weeks so far is to try and get some sleep.

 Last semester, I managed to only get fifteen hours of sleep in a five day span. If you think about it, that is nothing! You could say I was walking zombie and it took me weeks to recover from those dark circles that had formed under my eyes. Try and get the beauty sleep, we all crucially need it during this time.

                Remember, this week can be pretty brutal for some people. Always be patient with others, and be extremely supportive and motivational toward your friends. Everyone is going to need a little boost up until the day they are moving out of their room. Try and soak up every free moment that you can with the friends you have made in the last year, focus on your good mental and physical health, and remember that when you are all done, your summer has begun! 

Good luck to all, you’ll do great! 

Hi readers! My name is Mary Blesz! I am a sophomore at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. I am double majoring in Marketing and Management, with minors in Public Relations and Organizational Leadership! I am involved with Residence Life on campus, and also cannot wait to help with St. Ambrose's Dance Marathon! Helping out the kids is such a fulfilling thing I have done in the past and can't wait to see where this goes! FTK (For the Kids!)When I am not busy with the mountian full of homework I always have, I will normally be seen with all my friends! My friends are great group of people that I have met here at Ambrose! College has opened my eyes to so many new people! It is kind of interesting to me to meet people from all over; like Chicago (lots of my friends are from the area) and even people who loved in the same hometown!!!I have a huge "passion for fashion." I love to see what is most popular, and incorporate the latest trends within my own style. My style has a mixture of what my mood of the day is! One day I can pull out the high-waisted shorts and the crop top and flaunt my ombre hair, and then another day, wear the classic peplum top, with my hair pulled into a fashionable bun! I love reading about the latest trends and expressing it through my own personal style! I hope you enjoy what I can share with you through my own experiences and stories! Enjoy!!!!
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