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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

I heard of this song two years ago and part of it spoke to me but I never knew why until recently. This song speaks to me because I realized that the She is me and she can also be you. 

She’s a light in a dark room. When she smiles with her eyes and it holds you. In a moment, you know you’ll never walk away.

I was the light in a dark room that was my mind. It took me a moment to realize. Well more like a year. Once I started smiling again I wanted to hold on to that but it wouldn’t be that easy. I never wanted to walk away from the moments that made me feel happy and safe again. 

She’s never been one to hold back. If there’s something on her mind, you’re gonna know that. And you’re gonna wanna listen to everything she’ll say. 

I have always been impulsive and don’t have the best filter. I spit out whatever I am thinking which either gets me in trouble or it doesn’t always make sense. I want to tell you everything I am feeling but sometimes I am afraid to open up to people. 

She’s a bullet that’s about to fire. She’s the steady that’ll keep you sane. If love’s a fool, then I’m a liar. I know she’s the only way. 

I am sometimes ready to blow when my emotions are too much for me. I need to be a source of strength and to have control/balance in my life. I have been a fool and fallen for wrong people in my life. I know that fighting for myself is the only way I can guarantee that I will be able to stay okay. 

She sees colors that I can’t see and she knows me even when I don’t. She knows where she is going because I’m home where she is. 

When I was lost in the dark I couldn’t see the colors that I learned were possible. I wanted to believe that nothing was wrong but someone else. One person knew me better than I knew myself. He got me through the worst parts and showed me what I knew was inside but didn’t want to believe at times. 

She’s the wildwood leaves in autumn. The look towards home you forgotten. When she’s on her side, you’re never lettin’ go. 

I used to always look back and get lost in what could have been but I realized that I can’t change what has been and I needed to focus on what I can still do. I tend to get stuck in my ways which makes things harder. If I am on your side or there for you I will stand strong and won’t leave you. 

She has the power to save you. The only one who’s got enough of you to break you. When she fights with fire, she wraps around your soul. 

I have so much in me to give. I love fiercely but also can blow up like no one else. I don’t blow up easily and I can take a lot of shit but once I have hit my breaking point you don’t want to stand in my way or be on the receiving end of my emotions. 

Cause I’ve never had this touch before the kind that taught me what my eyes were for. Every piece of her, I just want more. She’s the one I can’t ignore. 

I have never fully believed in myself or saw that I was pretty until I actually let myself open up to stop looking at my flaws. I am learning to love every piece of myself no matter what outside influences affect me. I can’t ignore how I feel and I can’t push myself off to the side. 

She sees colors that I can’t see and she knows me even when I don’t. She knows where she is going because I’m home where she is. 

Even when I don’t actually know who I am I know who I want to be so I need to think what she would want to do. I know where I want to go in life and I need to take every stride to get to that point. I want to have a place to call home and be at a point in my life where I feel like I don’t need to fight for everything. 

You showed me lovely. You showed me lovely. Oh, you showed me lovely. You showed me lovely. 

You showed me lovely! My Aunt Toni showed me how to be strong mentally. Brandon taught me that changing my career path is okay. Chad helped me realize that flaws on my skin aren’t flaws, they are marks that make me unique. Haley helped me realize that I don’t need to care about what others think about me. Jeremy helped me see that my past doesn’t need to hold me back in my future. Karla and Fritz showed me that I don’t need to always be a perfectionist. Noor has shown me that people can be cruel without knowing you are at all. 

She. Oh, she. 

She is Me!

Veronica A(V) is the Campus Correspondent at HC @ SAU. She oversees the entire chapter including editorial, events, social media, etc. Beyond HC, V is involved on campus. She is the President of DAPi. She is the Social Media Director for SAAT, and a Sexual Assault Advocate. Veronica is majoring in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Music. She is currently student teaching!!! In her freetime, V plays the flute and other instruments and can sing. She used to play and coach softball. Veronica was born in Florida but now lives in Illinois. She also has 2 cats at home. She was the D.E.I. Ambassador for 2 years.