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Seniors to Freshman

Adjusting from a senior to a freshman?

Here are a few steps that help all of us going from the top of the school back to the bottom of the food chain. We all have to get a reality check because we don’t rule this school anymore, we also are not as cool as we originally thought. Some may think that becoming the babies isn’t fun and is just pure torture, but this is the time of our lives. We need to take this time to live and love and learn who we are and who we are becoming. We are not in high school anymore so we are not under the pressure that we once faced from being with everybody that we have grown up with. We live with strangers in a strange place and finally get to be who we are meant to be. Here are a few positives to being the freshman again.

You can dress as comfy and lazy or as cute as you want!

You get to be who you finally want to be!

You get to leave all of the petty high school drama behind you and move on with a clear mind!Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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