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Rob Prior


Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Rob Prior. In the fall you can find him doing his thing on the soccer field, but now he’s focusing on getting ready for med school in Colorado.

Graduation Year: 2015


Year in School: Senior


Relationship Status: Single


Hometown: Bloomington, IL


Major/Minor: Double Major in Exercise Science and Philosophy, minor in Chemistry and Biology


Campus Involvement: Men’s Soccer Team, Work in the Student Success Center


Hobbies: Golf, snowboarding, reading, watching movies, swearing


Future plans: Medical school in Colorado next year with plans to be an orthopedic surgeon


3 words to describe Rob: Compassionate, funny, hardworking


Guilty pleasure: Going to the casino


Favorite book: Harry Potter


Favorite movie: Remember the Titans


Favorite band: Eminem


Idol: Kobe Bryant


Celebrity Crush: Emma Watson


Cook for a girl of be cooked for?  Be cooked for


Favorite spot in the Quad Cities: The casino


Ideal first date: Dinner and ice cream


Traits he looks for in girls: Intelligent, athletic, funny, and personable


Deal breaker: Smoking cigarettes


Sexiest thing a girl can wear: Bikini

So ladies, if you like ice cream and don’t mind a little swearing go on over to the student success center and get some help from Rob. 

Im Alyssa. I dance and sing for fun (not always well).Im way too sassy for my own good and cant wait to start my career. 
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