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We’ve compiled some of our best tips and tricks to help with PMS and actually getting your period. Everyone has different experiences, so hopefully one of these may help you!

Period Tracker

You don’t have to break out your bullet journal (although you totally can!). Download a period tracker app so that you are notified for when to expect your period. You can also track your ovulation cycle for information like when your fertile window is open.

Record your Mood or Grow Awareness

Woman staring at phone at night
Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels
If you’re suddenly becoming less patient at work or randomly crying about situations you wouldn’t usually cry about, then maybe this could be a sign that you’re PMS’ing. Everyone is different with their emotions, so try to keep getting to know yourself. Are you typically dwelling on late-night thoughts? Do you typically hang up on people mid-conversation because you suddenly had the conversation turn south? Part of the process of knowing what is related to PMS versus your usual self is that you have to get comfortable and grow self-awareness.

When in doubt, bring a pad.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a liner or pad just in case you felt your period might come any day! It’s safer to wear one than to have a surprise visit. We should’ve learned this in junior high, but even in college we may forget!

Don’t Forget to Stock-Up on Snacks!

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You might say to yourself, “I should be healthy and shouldn’t buy snacks.” If you have self-control during your period, more power to you! If you know that you tend to sway… Just. Buy. The. Snacks. If I skip buying snacks during PMS week, because I’m trying to save money and be healthy, I will spend more money on take-out and other more expensive, unnecessary things. It’s okay to give yourself a break.

But still exercise…

indoor yoga
Zen Bear Yoga via splash
Okay, it hurts, but moving your body and concentrating your pain elsewhere can be beneficial. This can even help your period flow! But everyone is different, so you totally know what works best for you! For those of us who know we benefit from yoga or pilates during our PMS/period week, it’s a matter of finding the energy to do it. We know that after we’re done exercising, we feel 1000000x better.

Finally, seriously invest in a heat pad.

Woman laying down on a couch covered in a blanket.
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Buying a heat pad is seriously a great investment. It provides me warmth during winter, but those cramps are killer and the heat pad can help. They generally last long and can be that extra warm hug you need.


We hope this list helped generate ideas for you! Remember that everyone’s body is different, especially when it comes to periods! This list is meant to help create ideas for how you could accomodate your time-of-the-month. 

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