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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Starting this past Spring, I went on a super spree of trying new products. Skin products,
hair products, supplements, and others. When I was younger, I never paid much attention to,
well, any of it. I was young and figured, “Hey, I have plenty of time.” That time goes quicker
than you think and your body changes constantly as you age plus with other circumstances.
“Not worried about it,” caught up to me and I figured out that I needed to make some pretty
big changes. One of those changes was a new skincare line because my skin at 35 is much
different than my skin at 25. I researched and tried several different products, but none of
them felt like the right fit until I found a skincare line that most Targets carry. The brand is Pixi
Beauty Skintreats.

The company is over twenty years old and was started in Soho, London, United Kingdom
by makeup artist, Petra Strand. She wanted to create a product line that was versatile, made
you feel more naturally you, and quick for those who didn’t have a lot of time to spend on
skincare regimens and makeup to start their day. Que the creation of Pixi Beauty Skintreats.
The local Target stores around me carry some of the product line, but the best selection of
products can be found on the Pixi Beauty website itself. The company also has a makeup line
and has collaborated with other companies too. I have only tried their skincare line and I have
pieced together a regimen that I felt would best fit me. The best part about the website is that
you can shop by product (cleansers, tonics, serums, etc.), by collection (clarity, retinol, rose
infused, etc.), or by the benefit that you are looking for (brightening, clarifying, youth
enhancing, etc.).
I chose to look by products because I have combination skin and generally look for
products that have different benefits by product. For instance, when I use a retinol cleanser,
they are too harsh for my skin and cause my skin to get red, splotchy, and dry in spots. The
cleaners that I utilize are the Rose Cream Cleanser. The Rose Cream Cleanser is suitable for all
skin types but is great for extremely sensitive skin. It is a mud style cleanser that utilizes rose
and avocado to condition plus then aloe and chamomile to soothe. This cleanser is meant to
help strengthen and soften your skin. This has become my go-to cleanser for daily use. I use it
day or night or both when I can. It doesn’t dry out the dry areas of my face, it appropriately
cleans the oilier areas, and doesn’t irritate my skin either. There’s never a tight feeling with it
after using it either. My skin has also changed for the better as well since using it. I haven’t
dealt with the occasional dry patches, my oily t-zone seems to be less oily throughout the day,
and it doesn’t turn my skin red and stay red in splotches over my face. I love this product.
Next on my regimen, I use Pixi Beauty Skintreats Botanical Collagen Tonic, which is
essentially a toner. Created with peptides, botanicals, and Acacia Collagen, this tonic is
recommended for all skin types. It is formulated to help firm fine lines and wrinkles, firm, and
help improve the skins elasticity. The tonic is easy to use, just dampen a facial cleansing round
(cotton or fabric- I prefer the reusable, washable fabric ones), and swipe across the areas of
your face and neck. I use it just after cleansing my face after letting my skin air dry and move to
my next product after the tonic has dried. It does not take long for it to absorb into the skin.

Unlike other toners and tonics, the Botanical Collagen Tonic doesn’t dry or my face or make my
skin feel like it’s burning at all. It is actually refreshing to use, and I will sometimes use it during
the day just to freshen up after getting sweaty. It feels great to use. I also feel that it does give
my skin a firmer feel after using it and over time I feel as though some fine lines are better than
they were before.
Step three for me is their Botanical Collagen Eye Serum and it is an absolute favorite
product for me. I have used a lot of different eye creams and serums that promise to lighten
under-eye circles and firm the under-eye area, but this is the only one that I have ever found to
work for me. I absolutely love it! Just like the tonic, it has a refreshing feeling when it is applied,
lightweight, and it is also fast absorbing. Not only does the serum have many of the same
ingredients as the tonic, as they are in the same collection, but the eye serum also has a boost
of hyaluronic acid as well. The product has a rounded end to use to apply that is supposed to be
lightly used to help with blood flow around the eye area, but I feel like it is too hard and
uncomfortable to use. I generally put a little of it on my ring finger and tap it into my skin. Like
the tonic, it has firmed up the skin around my eyes and helped with crow’s feet too. They have
an impressive eye care product line. Pixi has several different under-eye patches to choose
from that I have plans on trying soon.
After the eye serum comes the serum for my entire face. The one I chose is from the
same collection as my tonic and eye serum, but for the face and neck called Botanical Collagen
and Retinol Serum. It again keeps with many of the same ingredients as the other two, but with
retinol added to help firm and volumize skin as well as Rosemary to help with the other
soothing ingredients. I give the bottle a quick shake and then use the dropper to put some of
the serum on my fingertips. Sometimes I will sort of drag the dropper across my cheeks,
forehead, or chin though too. I then pat the serum into my skin all over my face and neck. The
entire botanical collagen collection is made for all skin types and this one is true to its
description. It is lightweight and does not have a sticky feel when you put it on. I also see a
difference in the firmness of my skin after I use it that seems to stay all day. Pixi also has a PM
Retinol Serum that I am going to try in my night routines, although I don’t always do a skincare
regimen every night.
Last, I use Pixi Beauty Skintreats Vitamin-C Lotion as my moisturizer. This moisturizer is
made with antioxidant rich Vitamin-C that helps promotes the skins production of collagen. It
also helps to revitalize the skin, help repair sun damage, improve your skin tone and smooth
skin, and adds to its natural luminosity. Along with Vitamin-C, this lotion also includes different
fruits- orange, grapefruit, and lemon oil- and lactic acid for hydration and then olive oil to help
soothe. I have had issues in the past with moisturizers feeling as though they’re making my skin
burn, this one does not. It also does not give my skin the tight and dry feeling some give me as
well. It has a great feel on my skin and absorbs just as quickly as the other products do. It also
doesn’t make the oily areas on my face appear to be oilier. It is the best moisturizer I have ever
found for me. It has a supple, light feel to it and a little goes a long way.

I have used a lot of different skin care lines in my day, but this has to be the best
I have found. I am highly impressed with the products and the quality of them as well as the
outcomes from using them. They are also cost-effective and won’t break the bank like some
other lines will. You don’t have to spend fifty bucks on a small bottle of serum, rather a fraction
of the cost at around $25. I plan to try other products from Pixi Beauty in the future and I will
have to share with you just how those trials go, but for now I will say that I highly recommend
their skin care line!

I am a Junior and non-traditional student at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, where I major in Social Work and a double minor in Sociology and Pre-Law. I'm a small-town farm girl who almost always has coffee or an energy drink in hand & I'm very passionate about the things I believe in! I intend to work in advocacy for Domestic Abuse/Violence, Sexual Assault, Mental Health, and Child Abuse with the goal of achieving better resources, better education, and better laws.