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So, we’re technically into spring. But, it doesn’t really feel like it here in the Quad Cities. Chances of snow, rain showers, cold temperatures…sounds like the perfect excuse to stay inside and pin, right?  

Our Pinterest boards have been hot once again. We had one pin with nearly 200 pins!


This pin we can all relate to. We say we’re going to bed and really we just sit on Pinterest for a few hours…and it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to reach the bottom of a page! Who can blame us?



Something we should all keep in mind as graduation approaches. You don’t have to follow the common path!



Another graduation-related pin. As friends begin to look at jobs across the country, think of all the great times you’ve had together…and the many more to come!



Seems as though we all really like bacon, but we don’t like math… as evident in the pin.



Let Ke$ha ring in your head as you read this pin. Even if you don’t like her music, the cat is still a way to solve any mid-week crisis.



Keeping with our friendly-feline theme, maybe this guy reminds you of a furry friend you’ve got waiting for you at home. The expression is pretty priceless.



If you’re still trying to decide what you want to do when you graduate…we’ve got an idea for you. Actually, this doesn’t sound half bad!



And, of course we love our Disney movies. Now you can combine the fun of the Her Campus motto with our favorite iconic castle. Have fun, stay young!



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