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Perks of Working in a Restaurant

Restaurants don’t have the best reputation for places to work. I have worked in a restaurant for my entire college career. Most days, I leave with a smile on my face. It has been a very rewarding job and has taught me a lot. The following are some reasons why experience in the service industry will do you good in the future:

1. The money

And the most practical reason anyone would want to work a job which requires you to actually serve another person. But, college students typically do not get job opportunities with the chance to make much money. In most situations, we work for $7.25 an hour (which is taken directly from our tuition), or for an unpaid internship. Restaurants give students an opportunity to make more. Tips are a steal and college students can always use the extra money.

2. The resume builders

The environment of a restaurant has a lot to teach a student. Basic respect and communication with your customers and coworkers, teamwork, multi-tasking, and resolving customer issues are some skills you utilize on a daily basis. Any position in a restaurant, whether its the hostess or the bartender, requires a lot of patience and strong customer service skills. All of which are skills your future employer is likely looking for.

3. The people

Between the customers and your coworkers, working in a restaurant introduces you to a diverse group of people. A lot of people that you wouldn’t talk to otherwise. You begin to look forward to seeing the couple who comes to eat every week, and form friendships with your coworkers. There are a lot of really stuck up people who walk into the doors of a restaurant, but the good ones always make the job worth it.



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