Paper Craft Your Dorm This Halloween!

All you need is some scissors, tape, glue, string and paper! These quick crafts are simple and add a fun, creative spin on traditional Halloween decorations. Plus, who doesn’t love doing arts and crafts!

Follow along with these simple steps to create the crafty, spook-tacular dorm room of your dreams!

Paper Spider Garland

Who doesn't want long strings of spiders hanging above each doorway?

SUPPLIES: construction paper, scissors, tape, glitter (optional).

1. Cut paper into a thin-ish strip. This will be the height of the garland. The length of the paper you use will be the length of the garland – but don’t worry, you can always tape some cut garlands together for a longer stretch!

2. Fold the paper in half several times: 2 to 4 times depending on the original length of the paper. You want to fold until you have about a 3-inch folded piece.

3. Cut a pattern into the folded piece but be careful not to cut the entire edge of either folded edge off. The folded edges must remain intact to keep the garland together.

  • TIP: Cut only half of the image on the folded piece. That way you can cut more detail into the garland.

4. Unfold, tape on your wall and enjoy!!

  • TIP: To make a cooler garland, cut multiple garlands of different colors and shapes and attach them. Or add glitter!
Tissue Paper Ghosts:

Hang up these cute -oops I mean spooky- little ghosts around your room.

SUPPLIES: white tissue paper, string, black marker (optional), suckers (optional).

1. Take several sheets of white tissue paper and layer them flat on top of each other. Each sheet should be slightly rotated in direction from the one beneath it. No two sheets should be perfectly layered.

2. Ball up another sheet or two of tissue paper.

3. Put the ball in the middle of the stacked sheets.

4. Fold the sheets up around the ball, keeping the ball tight in the center.

5. Tie a long piece of string tightly on the outside of the folded sheets, securing the ball in place. This is the head of the ghost.

  • TIP: Use a sucker as the ghost’s head and give your friends a frightfully cute delicious treat!

6. Hang the ghosts around your room to scare your roommate!

  • TIP: add eyes or a cute/spooky face to give your ghosts personality.



Window Shadows

Make your dorm window POP with this shadowy décor.

SUPPLIES: black paper, scissors, tape, pencil, exact-o knife (optional).

1. Draw some figure outlines with pencil on black paper. You can draw ghosts, gravestones, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, etc.

  • TIP: make a themed window with characters or scenes from your favorite Halloween movie

2. Cut out details from the outlines you drew: eyes, mouths, BOO!, gravestone names, etc. These cut-outs will allow light to shine through from the window and add extra effect to your window art.

3. Tape the paper to the window and turn on those lights at night to let others see your masterpiece!

  • TIP: put up some string lights by the window if you want the design to be seen all night, but don’t want to leave your main lights on.
Paper Treat Bags

Give your friends a fright when you hand them treats in this bag.

SUPPLIES: paper bags, black marker, glitter (optional), treats (optional).

1. With a black marker decorate your paper bags with:

  • Scary faces (Like your favorite Halloween character! Mine is Jack Skellington.)
  • Jack-O-Lantern faces (Try finding orange paper bags!)
  • Spiders, Ghosts, Witches (Oh my!)
  • A friend’s name in a slasher font-style (Even add some fake blood too)

2. Fill your bag with:

  • Homemade treats
  • Electric candles (don’t burn down your dorm!)

3. Give your bag to friends or keep them in your dorm for spooky décor

Thanks for tagging along!

Let's get crafty!


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