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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Drinks from coffee have seemingly become a staple in modern society, and having a go-to drink is something that is a convenience for anyone who enjoys a little treat every now and again. Our exec board has been kind enough to share their go to drinks, and some have even recommended a few others! Now if you’ve worked in a coffee shop before maybe you’ll be able to read this as some kind of a personality quiz, or maybe you can use this as a chance to peek into our lives. 

Maddie on our social media team gets a strawberry acai lemonade refresher. A great way to get a boost while remaining chilled out! 

Our DEI representative Julia enjoys a caramel cold brew with sweet cold foam! A sweet pick-me-up to give you a boost for sure, balanced out nicely with the smooth coffee taste. She says that cold brew is a great option for someone who doesn’t want anything too sweet but prefers iced drinks. She also recommends chai lattes for someone who doesn’t like coffee! 

SAU’s CC Veronica orders caramel iced coffee with extra whip with no sugar. She also suggests a peppermint herbal tea to those who are looking to try something new! It is a great way to remove headaches in her opinion.

One of my fellow editors Abby orders an iced white chocolate mocha! Which is a delicious way to get a caffeine boost throughout the day. A drink that can be enjoyed at any point in the day and will always hit the spot. 

Elena on the board of community engagement enjoys energy brews and teas! From her choice of teas she suggests cucumber mint tea. A great way to have a variety of drinks to choose from while still being open to any coffee shop that may cross her path. 

Personally I enjoy a london fog, which is a great way to enjoy tea aside from the typical steeping. It offers the foam and sweetness that a latte may bring but with less caffeine and just the hint of bergamot that comes from the tea. 

So now you’ve gotten a little insight into our board of executives! Feel free to try any of our drinks and maybe when you’ll order them, you’ll think of us. Something as simple as coffee can connect so many different people, and in some cases can bring us closer together! 

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