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The only 6-pack you need this Last Blast

You’ve heard most of these things from your mother, but I’m here to tell you that you should actually follow these rules on Last Blast. Just think of it as a 6-pack of knowledge that you can carry around with you all day and never get in trouble for possessing. 



Your mom tells you this, alcohol edu tells you this, and now I’m telling you this. Last Blast is a marathon, not a sprint. And do marathon runners go a whole race without H2O? No. Stay aware of how much you are drinking, and make a point to drink water in between.


2. Stay with a friend (or 5).

Always use the buddy system. Even in broad daylight, bad things can happen when you’re on your own! Make sure you stay with a friend or two at all times, and keep tabs on where your friends are at, too. Setting certain times to meet up at a designated location throughout the day is a good way to make sure nobody wanders off.


3. EAT!!!

My favorite of all rules. You need energy and your stomach needs something to soak up all that soda pop you plan on drinking. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and maybe a 4th meal are all highly encouraged on Last Blast.


4. Napping is not the enemy.

If you feel like you need a nap during the day, get your booty home and take a nap. Odds are, you aren’t going to miss anything life-changing during a 30 minute power nap (any longer and it could turn into night-night time). Listen to your body.


5. Be aware of your surroundings.

If you notice someone climbing a lamp post in the quad, get them down or get help. If you see someone who’s had just a little bit too much pop, get her water and help her find her friends. To keep things safe and fun, everyone has to play a role of responsibility.


6. Soak it all in.

As many times as you’ve heard it, your four years in college fly by. Seriously, one day you’re a freshman and the next day you realize you need a power suit more than you need another crop top. Take pictures (even if your guy friends make fun of you), DANCE, talk to new people, and do what you want to do. Saturday is a day for making memories—the good kind—so do everything in your power to stay safe, have fun and soak it all in.

I'm Maddi(son). I like to talk, laugh, and eat cake and peanut butter in copious amounts. Call me maybe. 
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