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New year, new you?

Ah, January. . . the month when we all make, then promptly break, promises to improve 
ourselves – our weight, grades, social skills, you name it. Most of us don’t fall through 
with these promises, and while for some that’s due to a lack of willpower, for a lot of us 
due to simply not knowing how to start, not knowing what resources are available. 
Sure, to many readers much of this won’t count as news, but there have always been 
resources on the SAU campus for students who want to improve academically, 
physically, socially and in all sorts of other ways, and even more will be coming to 
campus this semester. Whatever your new years resolution, there’s something at SAU 
for you.
For people who want to improve their health (which, really, matters alot more than 
appearance), group fitness classes start this Monday – January 27th. They will include 
zumba, pilates, stregnth training and other activities and, what with it being so cold 
outside still, will be held mainly in the Rogo ballroom, thought some will be in 
Hayes 114. A full schedule can be found here: http://www.sau.edu/Student_Affairs/
Campus_Recreation/Programs/Fitness.html. And, as always, since not everyone wants 
to exercise in front of a group, there are cardio pods in every dorm (or, personal training 
Fitness/Personal_Training/How_to_Sign_Up.html). Also, on the week of February 9th 
the SAU winter olympics will be held – which, let’s be honest, sound far more fun and 
interesting than the games in Sochi – featuring and hockey and other winter sports. 
For people who want to raise (or maintain) their GPAs, there’s always the Student 
Succes Center on the second floor of Ambrose Hall, and groups on campus for students 
in almost any major. Also, CommUniversity will be on campus on February 2nd, 9th, 
16th, and 23rd (as if I have pasted enough links into this article, you can learn more 
about them here: http://www.communiversity.org). And, of course, there are many 
options for people who want to improve their social skills or just have some new 
experiences. There will be a free leadership conference on February first in the Rogo 
ballroom: you can register here: https://sau-csm.symplicity.com/students/. And, as 
you probably know, there are more clubs than I can count on campus, including many 
centered around service, like Campus Ministry’s Serive on Saturday. Also, to add to the 
already numerous service groups on campus, the Lions Club is hoping to set up an SAU 
chapter; although informational meetings have already been held, you can find out on 
their website. And, if you want to travel and try something a little different, there’s still a 
few days to apply for one of the four CM service trips – applications are available in the 
gathering space below the chapel and are due January 31st; you can give them to Kelly 
Of course, all this is only a sample of the events and resources that will be here 
throughtout the year, but it should be enough to help you meet your goals for 2014.
I am an exceptionally ordinary Freshman, currently majoring in English and procrastination.
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