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The month of October brings about many favorites. The cool change in weather, the colors of the leaves, new seasonal flavors, finally being able to wear sweaters all day, and Halloween. Something that is not always associated when thinking about October that should be is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Almost everyone is somehow connected to the topic of Breast Cancer whether they have had it themselves, had a family member go through it, or simply know someone who has gone through it. Despite being something that touches so many people it is surprisingly rare how often people have real conversations about it. Knowing how Breast Cancer affects women and the different resources or ways to support those who go through it should be universal knowledge as it is with many other severe illnesses. These conversations should also be sensitive to the situations and people around you without making comments that make assumptions about this population. Even taking time to read about charities that support Breast Cancer Awareness and passing that information along to others is effective. 

Macy is a writer at HC@SAU. Beyond HC, Macy is involved in campus, SAAT and campus advocate. She/her also works at St. Ambrose Children's Campus, Mexies Food Truck, and Vibrant Arena. Macy is majoring in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. In her freetime, Macy likes to read, go for walks, and hang out with friends. A fun fact about Macy is she has 4 cats.