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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
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My Favorite Love on Tour Moments

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Back in November 2019, Harry Styles announced his highly anticipated sophomore album, Fine Line, along with a tour that was supposed to kick off in June 2020 called Love on Tour. My friends and I rushed to get tickets as soon as they came out and immediately started planning our outfits. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, the tour was postponed. After nearly two years of waiting, I finally was able to experience Love on Tour last weekend! Over a year after the originally scheduled date, Harry Styles blessed the United Center in Chicago with his presence on September 24, 2021 and it was easily the best night I’ve had since pre-pandemic times. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the show!

  • This moment happened before the show even started. Everyone was in their seats waiting for the show to start when suddenly, Olivia by One Direction started playing throughout the arena. Harry had not even been on stage yet but you would have thought that he was because everyone jumped up and started singing and dancing along.
  • In order to get onto the stage before the show, Harry Styles was rolled into the arena in a box which I thought was hilarious.
  • After singing the first song of the night, Harry took some time to introduce himself (as if everyone in the room wasn’t there specifically to see him) and interact with the audience a bit. He said “We’ve started! The shows on! I know you came for a good time! *points to random girl holding a drink* What’s in that cup? Vodka soda? I give her 10 minutes!” Then a few minutes later he checked back with that same girl to find that she was now on her second vodka soda. He then pointed to the person sitting with her and said “keep an eye on her for me!” Someone needs to go check on that girl because if Harry Styles spoke directly to me TWICE during a concert I would have died on the spot.
  • Later on in the show, Harry asked the crowd an important question: which Chicago pizza place was the best? If you aren’t aware, two of the main pizza places in Chicago are Lou Malnati’s and Girodanos and there is a lot of debate over which one is better. Harry left this debate up to the crowd by having us cheer for which one we prefer. Personally, I think the hole in the wall pizza place in my neighborhood has better pizza than both of those places but I appreciate that Harry Styles tried to help settle this very important debate.
  • While we’re on the topic of Chicago trivia, later on in the show Harry shared even more fun facts that he had found about Chicago. I have lived in the Chicago area for my entire life and Harry seemed to know more about it than I did. According to Harry, Chicago is home of the Twinkie, spray paint was invented there, there are 303 miles of biking paths in the city, and there are 104 dog friendly restaurants. I thought this was a really nice touch and showed us that he actually puts some thought into each show by doing some research on the cities he preforms in.
  • If you know anything about Harry Styles you know that he is very outspoken about his support for the LGBTQ+ community. During his song Lights Up, a song that talks about coming out of darkness, stepping into the light, and refusing to hide who you are, Harry danced around the stage with a pride flag that someone had given him. I loved the message he gave by doing this!
  • Similarly, during his song Treat People With Kindness, Harry held up a Black Lives Matter flag. You can really tell that he wanted to make it clear that his concerts are a welcoming place for everyone and hate would not be tolerated.
  • Before singing one of his most emotional songs, Fine Line, Harry acknowledged everything that we as a society have been through in the past 18 months because of the pandemic. A phrase he repeats several times throughout the song is “we’ll be a fine line, we’ll be alright”. He encouraged everyone to think about the people we love and all of the sacrifices we have all made while he sang the song and remember that no matter what, we’ll be alright. Everyone turned their flashlights on as he sang and it was a beautiful moment.
  • One of my favorite parts of the concert was when the song Treat People with Kindness transitioned into the One Direction song, What Makes You Beautiful. I was a giant One Direction fan back in the day (and of course I still am) so hearing Harry sing the first One Direction song I ever heard made me insanely happy.
  • I couldn’t talk about a Harry Styles concert without talking about the fashion! Harry himself wore his signature white trousers with white suspenders and a black sparkly shirt. At one point he even put on a white boa and cowboy hat that a fans had thrown at him. Of course he looked great, but the audience members gave him a run for his money! With how amazing some of the outfits were, you would have thought it was the Met Gala. Everyone was perfectly on theme with outfits inspired by Harry Styles songs or outfits that he has worn. Some fans even showed up in funny Harry Styles themed costumes! My personal favorite was a group of girls dressed up as watermelons, inspired by his song Watermelon Sugar.

Love on Tour was so worth the 2 year wait! I would go to every other show on the tour if I could. If you are able I would definitely try to grab tickets and head out to one of the shows because this is an event you don’t want to miss!

SAU Senior Future Special Ed Teacher Iced coffee and Harry Styles enthusiast
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