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The Must Have Colors for the Fall Fashion Season

When the leaves start falling, it’s important to make sure that your closet is ready to keep up with the changing season! Here’s a few colors you may want to make sure you get into your closet before it’s too late!


Brick Red 

This slightly dark and distressed shade of red is perfect to match the colors of fall. You could also always go with a bright red, but I prefer to reserve that for my cool winter fits!

Red Building Band Tee And Red Skirt
Breanna Coon / Her Campus


Burnt Orange

For the same reason as brick red, burnt orange is a less bold shade of orange. The key to fall colors is keeping that neutral vibe and almost matching the leaves whenever you go for a photo shoot!

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash


Mustard Yellow

For all of my brunette girls out there, this is the color for you! Your hair will pop over this casual shade of yellow and looks great paired with a dark shade of jeans and riding boots!

Two women laughing and laying in leaves
Photo by Asya Cusima from Pexels

Forest Green

Fall is all about natural colors and what could be more natural than the colors of the trees around us?? Forest green is the darkest and honestly looks so good with some black jeans and little booties. A must have fall staple in your wardrobe!

Anna Schultz-Girl In Felt Hat In Forest On Path
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Tans, Browns, Creams & Black

This is where I end the colorful fall rainbow and jump straight to the Neutrals that we all love and adore. I wouldn’t be able to survive fall without my black vest, tan sweaters, cream crop hoodies and tan booties or black cowboy boots. There is no limit to the possibilities of where these colors can fit into every single outfit!

woman lying on ground with leaves
Photo by Molly Champion from Pexels


Flannels & Plaids

Last, but certainly not least, we have our plaids & flannels. Every girl needs a plaid blanket scarf and some boyfriend fit style flannels floating around in their wardrobe. These offer the warmth and comfort that we need to get through the season as the temps cool off and lead us toward winter.

2 women laying on a deck in flannel
Pexels / Gianne Karla Tolentino

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