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Moving Away From Grief – You Are Not Alone

Whats It like to have a summer that is even more unusal than most? Covid-19 didnt help, but losing my dad affected how I spent my time this summer. I want to dive into what It is like to move away from home after losing such a big part of your life. 

Starting Fresh

Sometimes the best thing to do is understand the pain and find a new spot to start over. For me,building my home here in the Quad cities, going back to work and school truly made me feel like a whole new person. 

It's okay to not be okay

I have recently learned that it is far more than okay to not be okay and reach out for help. I personally found a lot of help when it came to church and religion. Find your group and cry it out with them. 

Call Home

Understand that its important to reach out to members of your hometown and talk to your mama. Sometimes all you need is a hug from family to feel so so much better. 

Cry and let it all out

The more you hold stress, sadness, and grief in, you need to and should cry releasing the tension from your body. Remeber to not build up and hold the emotions into place. 

Remember grief happens in weird ways at odd times. Never forget to ask for help and reach out in case you need anything. Smile and remeber the fun times. 

Sophomore at SAU with a passion for helping others. I am currently in pursuit of my RN, which will eventually open opportunities to reach out and better serve others. Besides writing, I enjoy going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and reading. I am also an ER tech! You can find me on instagram @amie1229!
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