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Mitchell Godfrey, ’14

Name: Mitchell Godfrey

Relationship status: In a relationship

Year in school: Junior

Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Major: mechanical engineering and chemistry

Favorite book: Junction Boys

Favorite food: bacon

Favorite superhero: The Hulk

Hobbies: football, politics, chemistry club, hanging out with Brett Capjak

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?

Go out for dinner or lunch. See a funny movie followed by getting some ice cream while sitting outside and talking.

Traits you look for in a girl: Good sense of humor, outgoing, energetic, pretty face

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear?

Tank top and short shorts

What’s a dealbreaker?

Being a democrat.

Do you like when a girl makes the first move?

Not the first time, but after we’ve hung out once or twice, sure.


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