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Baseball naturally became a key element to my childhood as I’m sure it is for many others as well. From playing catch with my dad on those hot summer days, to going to a River Bandits game on the weekend and catching a foul ball, baseball was always a good go-to bonding activity. Not only is it a great time with my dad, but it also makes for a memorable date night with the BF or a fun stop on a girls trip with my best friends. No matter what team you are cheering for, everyone has the same amazing experience when taking a trip to celebrate America’s favorite pastime. On that note, here is one reason to love baseball for every inning of the game:


Inning #1: Wearing cute jerseys or your favorite sports gear to rep your team




Inning #2: Soaking in the Atmosphere





Inning #3: Eating Great Ballpark Food



Inning #4: Baseball Player Butts ;)


Inning #5: The Crazy and Dedicated Fans




Inning #6: Future Baseball Stars




Inning #7: The 7th Inning Stretch, of Course!


Inning #8: All those close calls and home runs that keep you on the edge of your seat



Inning #9: When the game is tied, you get to watch extra innings and don’t have to leave yet!! (and then your team wins!!)



Photos Credits: Inning #1 – my own photos, Inning #2 – link and own pic, Inning #3, Inning #4, Inning #5 – crazy & dedicated, Inning #6 – and my own pic, Inning #7, Inning #8 – 1st & 2nd, Inning #9 – 1st & 2nd



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