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Lindsey Row

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, and Her Campus’ own, Lindsey Row! Not only has she recruited nearly twice as many writers for SAU Her Campus than previous years, but she has also helped the SAU Her Campus Facebook “likes” skyrocket as well. This level-headed celebrity is always down for a night on the town, but isn’t opposed to staying in with a good book either. After reading her answers below, there’s no reason why she isn’t campus celebrity worthy.
Hometown: Frankfort, IL
Major: Public Relations
Class: Senior
Relationship Status: Very, very single
Campus Involvement: Her Campus, BeeMedia, and The Buzz
Favorite Food: A big, glorious cheeseburger
Favorite Drink: Jameson and Sprite
Favorite Color:  Probably black because it’s 90% of my wardrobe  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Favorite TV Show: That ’70s Show
Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore
Hobbies: Thrifting/antiquing, photography, reading, writing, listening to/finding new music, and of course Netflix & chilling
Dream Career: Account Executive at a Fashion PR firm, or anything at Cosmopolitan Magazine
Favorite place to eat: Hungry Hobo
Perfect Date: Dinner, maybe some drinks, some live music, and a lot of good conversation
If you could be any celebrity who would it be? Why?: Wiz Khalifa, because that man does whatever the hell he wants

Dream Adventure: Spending a week in Humboldt, CA, hiking, taking pictures, and pretending to be a forest fairy

Best Memory at SAU: Every Last Blast so far

Favorite Bar: Mac’s Tavern

Best thing to do for a girl’s night out: Dinner, drinks, and dancing

Fashion items you can’t live without: Leggings. All day, everyday.
Advice for freshman: Never define yourself by a guy. You’ve got the next four years to discover who you really are, because you’ll never as free as you are now. Take chances, try new things, and meet new people. And the second someone or something stops making you happy, move on. 
I'm Amanda, a junior PR major at St. Ambrose. I enjoy long walks on the beach and queso.
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