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Life After Graduation: There’s life after graduation? (Blog #1)

Graduating college is one of the highlights of any student’s life. But what happens when you take the cap and gown off and the real world greets you the next morning? Time for a job hunt! If you’re lucky you graduate with a job already lined up and have a plan, but some of us aren’t that fortunate. Finding that first job and figuring out where you’re going to end up after graduation is rough.

I applied for countless jobs, had resume and cover letters sent to nearly every place in the town I wanted to stay in. I then went through rounds of interviews and got rejection letter upon rejection letter. After 2 months I finally got offered and accepted a full time position. The real world takes time to get used to and it’s a test of your strength as a person.

And then there’s finding a place to live, managing money and trying to have a social life. The real world is challenging because it can be very different from what you are used to and comfortable with, it’s a sure-fire
eye opener. However, it does have its perks. No homework, getting to be on your own schedule, making more money than you are used to–the list of good things goes on and on.

I’m very happy being a “grown up”. Having a full time job, two part time jobs and being involved in the community makes for a busy lifestyle but it’s comforting to me since I was super busy in college. Sure, I have to work early mornings some days, late nights the others, but it pays off (literally). Every day is filled with moments for me to learn more and discover what my passions and talents are. College was a blast, but there’s something extra special about the real world that I’m embracing and I can’t quite explain it (you’ll have to wait and see for yourself).

In college you find yourself. In the real world, you test yourself and grow as a human being every single day.


A lover, dreamer and overachiver. 
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