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Latest Fashion Trends

From chokers and suede pieces to mesh and fishnets, brush  up on some of the latest fashion trends among collegiates! 

1. Chokers 

The 1990’s trend has made a comeback. A choker is a great accessory to complete your outfit. Pair any choker with any simple top, and you’ll be feelin’ yourself in no time. 


2. Suede Skirt

The suede skirt came into trend this fall. It can be styled into many different looks. For example, an option to wear one during the winter season would be to slip some thick tights underneath. Whether you’re out on a meeting, school, lunch with friends, or a night out, this skirt works for any occasion.  

3. Mesh Top 

This is quite the show-stopper look. Mesh tops are a bit more revealing. Sheer tops such as a mesh material can be worn over a lace bralette or sports bra. 


4. Thigh-High Boots

Suede thigh-high boots is the best fashion trend. You’ll find so many reasons to own a pair. They are pretty much like pants, giving you the opportunity to put your shorts, skirts, dresses, and rompers to use. They even elongate your legs, and who wouldn’t want good looking legs? As for college girls, you definitely do not want to walk around campus with heeled boots. The flat bottom boots are the comfiest, and you can still manage to pull it off. 

5. Fishnet Tights 

Fishnet tights give an edge to a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Adding the fishnet tights makes the outfit less simplistic. 


6. Lace-up Top 

Lace-up tops are everywhere. You can thrift a cool band tee or grab a collegiate top and DIY your own lace-up top. 

7. Nude Sweatshirt 

This look screams YEEZY SEASON. The nude sweatshirt is such a unisex trend! Not only does it look good, it’s comfy to just throw on for those lazy days… cough, cough… 8 a.m. classes. 

8. Leopard Print Coat 

During this winter season, the leopard print coat has been a killer for trends. The coat can be a great statement piece and can go with almost anything in your closet. Animal print coats can be crazy expensive, but Zara has one on sale for $49.00!!!!! Click to shop. 



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