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Last Minute Spring Break Getaways

1. Search around for cheap flights!

Check Google Flights, the app hopper, student universe, and United’s weekly specials. Check places like Orlando, San Diego, Houston, and NYC. These places are warm and you can rent a car and make a fun road trip traveling different coasts!


2. Road Trippin’

Take out your map, or your cell phone and decide if you want to travel near or far. If you’re in midwest and you hate long drives, check out Chicago, Door County, Wisconsin, Grand Beach, Michigan, or Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. But, if you somewhat enjoy a lengthy drive, some places to check out are: St. Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis. If you love driving, some longer distance places to check out are, Orlando, New Orleans, Nashville, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City.


3. Staycation

Become a tourist in your own town! Do things that you wouldn’t normally do because you’re so familiar with your area. Go see your favorite sports team, go to your local museum, or  have a spa day!

Remember to have a safe and fun spring break!!

all pictures taken by Eva Latz 

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