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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! I too have been losing track of the days still, but there is still time to get your mom a special gift. If you don’t know what to get your mom then this is the right place to be to get some good Mother’s Day gift ideas. Our mom’s are one of the very best people and even the smallest gift can mean so much to them. After all they do for us, they deserve this.


Flowers are always a classic. My mom LOVES flowers and I have yet to meet a mom that doesn’t like some pretty flowers. Most grocery stores still have flowers where you can buy some. Some do delivery, also, if you don’t want to go out for them. There are also floral shops you can give a call to see if you can buy some for pick up or delivery. During this time, floral shops are usually booming, so it is important we keep supporting local business even during lock down as much as we can. 

DIY Decor

Get some craft supplies which are still pretty easy to buy from stores or some craft stores are still offering pick ups! Make cute house decor for your mom. Hand made by you, she will sure love it. You can make something for less instead of buying something that can sell for $30 or more.

Spa Kit

Moms deserve to have some relaxation time and what better way to do this than with a spa kit? Go to your local stores and buy some facemasks, bath bombs, hair mask, candles, stress relief lotion and you are all set! If you want to be a little extra buy her a nice robe and slippers too. Just put it together in a box and your mom has a cute little spa kit

– Burts Bees Renewing Biocellulose Gel Mask

– Dr Teal’s Soothing Lavender Ultra Moisturizing Bath Bombs

– Hair Food Avocado & Argan Oil Smooth Hair Mask

– Amber Jar Candle Sea Salt & Lavender

 Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion

– Women’s Cozy Robe

– Women’s Dearfoams Chenille Scuff Slide Slippers

Surprise with Food

If you normally take your mom out to for food, but with the circumstances right now that might not be possible. So, just call up your local restaurants and see which one’s you can order food from as a pick up or delivery. If restaurant food is a no at the moment, then cook up dinner for your mom! I am sure she would love to not have to cook dinner especially on Mother’s Day. Just don’t forget to clean the kitchen afterwards!


If you have a mom who loves planting and gardening then this is the perfect time to buy her plants. If you know what annual plants she likes to buy then buy those for her or just ask an employee in the garden center for some recommendations. Then help her plant them because this will be good for some quality time together.

Canvas and Decor Prints

A thoughtful gift is to get a custom canvas printed with one of her favorite family pictures or any decor prints. This is customized and personilized to her liking. Then, she can put it where she wants and will be sure to make her smile. I love to order from Walgreens Photo because they also have same day pick up if you are someone who is a little short on time for ordering. Just order on walgreens.com and then pick it up the same day! Simple yet meaningful. Don’t forget there is almost always a coupon to use and knowing Walgreens they probably have one going on for Mother’s Day.

Walgreens Photos

Coffee Mug

Buying a cute coffee mug also is a good idea if she is a coffee drinker and even buy her favorite coffee that she likes to brew or her favorite tea. I love buying cute coffee mugs with cute qoutes that match that person’s personality or lifestyle. If she likes a certain coffee shop then add a giftcard to her favorite coffee shop. I know mom’s could need the energy right now with having to deal with everyone being at home 24/7.

Strong as A Mother Mug

Mamma Needs Some Coffee Mug

Super Mama Mug

I got this from my favorite kid Mug

Board Games

Buy some board games and plan a nice family night with them! Nothing is better then some good family time and board games will be sure to make the night fun. There isn’t much to do anyways so might as well stock up on some board games to play with the family.

– Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition

– 5 Second Rule Board Game

– What Do You Meme?

Beauty Products

Is your mom a make up fan? Is her blow dryer getting a little outdated? Buy her some new make up you think she might like! Replace her old hair dryer or hair tools. She will be really excited to try out her new make up or hair tools. Just because we are quarantined doesn’t mean moms can’t get glammed up and feel put together for the day.

Hopefully this gave you some good gift ideas for that special mom of yours, and most importantly don’t forget to tell her how much you love her.

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