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If you are someone like me, you window shop ALL YEAR LONG, but once holiday season rolls around and your 4th cousin from Nevada asks you for a gift idea, your mind goes blank. Well fret no longer! Awaiting your top 10 glorious list that isn’t just “fuzzy socks, nail polish, candles” (even though those things are AWESOME!) — ALL under $50!

  • Insulated Iced Coffee Sleeve
  • I recently discovered these guys in one of my classes and have NOT been able to stop thinking about it. As an avid iced coffee drinker all year long, I cannot wait to (hopefully) get one for the upcoming holiday season. Plus, they come in like a million designs and I might need them all…
  • ColorfulKoala Leggings
  • One of the biggest problems I’ve come across with leggings is that after a while, they begin to pill and they’re not as form fitting or soft as you wash and dry them — but I started with one pair of these leggings I don’t think I will ever be able to go back. They are SO awesome and honestly such a good price.
  • Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker
  • Running back to the coffee sleeve, I personally have spent WAY too much money on iced coffee and these two things together are like peanut butter & jelly!
  • Girl, Wash Your Face book
  • With the amount of things I’ve heard about this book via social media the last year or two, if it hasn’t made your way to your bookshelf yet, I think it is time. Everyone claims this to be the most self-heartwarming, self-love, self-efficiency, self-confidence book of at least the last decade.
  • Alexander Del Rosa Robe
  • If I have learned anything from having roommates is that one of the biggest issues you run into regards finding a temperature that you’re both comfortable with. Being able to throw a big, comfy robe on not only makes you feel like a rich housewife but makes it so much easier from bathroom to closet to bed to wherever your little heart desires. Also makes it SO much easier to convince yourself to get out of bed for that pesky 8 AM you signed up for and immediately regretted.
  • Moon and Star Photo Display
  • Coming back for the spring semester after a long break, it’s always hard to break away from hometown friends and family. Along with that, comes the desperate need to reorganize and design your room. These little wall arts are SO cute and would look awesome hanging above your bed!!
  • Immune Supplement Vitamins
  • I am definitely one that gets sick WAY too often and makes it so hard to stay on top of classes if I have to miss: taking these guys have seriously helped me so much and is one of those things that you just don’t want to pay for yourself but is something that we all could really benefit from.
  • Initial Necklace
  • I have seen a couple classmates with these necklaces and I think they are just so classy and cute. It seems like they go with everything and really just elevate your outfit even in sweats.
  • White Slip on Chelsea Boots
  • I have tried to be a dedicated Vans wearer even throughout wintertime but living on a college campus I have learned that I am not built for the snow with my white vans. These boots have begun to get so popular and, not to be dramatic but, I NEED them & I think you do too.
  • Carhartt Women’s Beanie
  • I have always loved the Carhartt and the beanie aesthetic but unfortunately they never looked right with my ~aura~ but these ones are ADORABLE and I haven’t stopped wearing mine
Hey everyone! I'm Mckennah & I'm a sophomore at ambrose studying nursing with a minor in biology! I hope to eventually become a travel nurse and maybe one day become a nursing professor:) I spend my time outside of school working at a preschool and hanging out with my little brothers! I'm excited to join this journey with all of you.
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