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Jane Schiffler ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

             From the court to the classroom, this week’s campus celebrity has been able to juggle a lot throughout her career at St. Ambrose. This ability to multitask will come in handy next semester as the Elementary Education major starts student teaching in the 2nd grade classroom at Hopewell elementary and Pleasant Valley school in the special education classroom.  

Jane Schiffler, a native of La Grange Park, Illinois, has always wanted to work with children ever since she started babysitting when she was younger. This is why her dream job is to be Super Nanny. Schiffler will start her final semester at Ambrose on the other side of the teacher’s desk as a student teacher.

“I am excited, but also a little nervous! I think it will be a good experience and I cannot wait to get into the classroom for a whole semester,” Schiffler said.

On campus Schiffler was involved in basketball for 3 ½ years and is a part of the Teacher Education Program’s honor society, Kappa Delta Pi. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, working out and traveling. Her favorite part about Ambrose comes from this in that she loves all of the friendships she has made and people she has met.

Christmas is just around the corner, and Schiffler finds herself looking forward to a lot this winter break.

“I am looking forward to seeing all of my cousins that will be coming in from Nashville. I have cousins there from both sides of the family and they cannot always be here for the holidays but this year they will be so it will be nice to see them,” Schiffler said.

On top of spending time with family, Schiffler is also looking forward to her favorite family tradition. One of her parents hides a ‘pickle’ ornament in the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, and whichever kid finds it first gets to open their presents first.

Three things that most people don’t know about Jane are that she wakeboards, has never broken a bone in her body and she can touch her tongue to her nose.

Finally, Schiffler’s favorite quote is time will tell. This could come in more prominent as she begins student teaching in January and puts all of her hard work to the test.

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