I Tried One of Those Subscription Clothing Boxes & Here Are My Thoughts!

Dia & Co. is advertised as a fashion subscription service. Think Fab, Fit, Fun or Stitch Fix. They specialize in finding the right items for people to showcase their personal styles. They also specialize in finding clothing for people in sizes 12-24.

You take a “style quiz” where you talk about your sizes, what type of clothes you like to wear, and what type of patterns or colors you enjoy wearing. You also can upload photos of yourself and leave a note for your personal stylist. At the end of the quiz, you have the option to get a box one time only or set up a monthly subscription to their services. You do pay a $20 styling fee, but this money can be applied to any of the items you choose to buy.

In my style quiz, I talked about being a college student who also works in a professional office. I mentioned that I like solid colors, especially black and white. I also noted that I need some jeans that had no rips in them that I could wear in my office. I linked my Instagram account and some photos of me in my favorite outfits. 

I was pumped to get my box in the mail. When I finally got it, it had a cute piece of purple tape wrapped around it. Meanwhile, the inside my box had a super adorable note from my personal stylist. 


I received 5 pieces. I sweater tank top (?? I thought that was a little weird too), a black Sherpa cardigan, a maxi dress, jeans, and a pair of dress pants. 

To be brutally honest, none of these pieces were really my thing. For someone who noted that I stayed away from patterns and enjoyed black and white, I was slightly shocked by my blue and orange dress. I gave the sweater a shot, but it just didn't fit me right and I am like the one person on earth that can't jump on the Sherpa train.

The jeans were honestly super nice and fit well, but I am poor and I probably should have realized they were going to be out of my budget, but you live and you learn. Although I liked the dress pants, I didn’t feel like they were dressy enough for my work and I didn’t think I’d wear them on a regular day.

Overall, I liked Dia & Co. but I think they are more of a fashion service for someone in their 30's or 40's. Probably not the best box for a college student. Even though this service wasn’t the right fit for me, I think a service like Fab Fit Fun would be an awesome way to treat yourself and get some new clothes!


All photos provided by Emily Liskunas