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I “technically” work for the City of Davenport…But Not Really

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

As of this semester, I accepted a position to serve in Americorps for my third term. My job position is the Adaptive and Inclusion member for Davenport Parks and Recreation. My job has many bonuses, but sometimes it can be difficult. I only work a few days a week, and sometimes I go in when my classes are canceled to bother my boss or get things done. In this article, I am going to highlight the highs and lows of my wonderful job! 

Positive; Serving the city: At the community center where I work, we have a kitchen filled with donated food to put out in our food pantry. Right now, I am trying to stay creative by using some of the donated items. The other day, I made 21 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to put in the refrigerator as a to-go meal. I am also making individual bags full of easy-to-make meals for the week. I also help run events at the community center which include activities like video games and good pizza!

Semi-positive; Very Time-Consuming: This is a mix of positive and negative but mostly negative. A few weeks ago, I went to an event with the Special Olympics volleyball team for an entire day. I LOVED spending the day to get to know them, but it was tiring. I had so much fun, and my bestie, who is an athlete on the team taught me some sign language on the bus. I now can sign my ABCs (except for g…I am still working on it).

Positive; Crafts: I have access to all kinds of crafts since my job involves planning for the day camp I work at during the summer. Whether it is the Oriental Trading-directed crafts or random ones I see on Pinterest, I LOVE crafts. 

The downside, but hopeful; stressful at times: Like any other job, this one consists of a lot of deadlines. Right now, I am reaching a deadline for all of my Camp’s themes and field trips and it has been stressful. I successfully planned them out, but I still have to schedule the field trips once I have the dates for the whole duration of camp. I also have to plan 4 whole minicamps as well so it has been stressful. Nonetheless, I am still trucking along.

Positive; great work environment: I work alongside another Ambrose student in my job and I love her. We love to joke around and talk about our ongoing programs. Also, I work with one of the best bosses in the world. Yes, she may be a little unorganized at times but she is the most wonderful person I have ever worked for. She runs many different programs in the city. I like to say she is my “work mom” because we spend so much time together. I am also close with her daughter, son, and her son’s girlfriend (I graduated a few years before the son and girlfriend). We were joking around about how to use a can opener (I cannot use one at all) and she said “Well, you should not use it when you are alone because I just know you are going to hurt yourself”. 


A downside of sorts is having to work weekends: I am currently doing inventory which causes me to have to go to the location where we do the day camp I work at. It is empty and scary when you are there by yourself. Just this past Saturday, I started inventory and it looked like the city came by to spray it. I know that because there were multiple dead spiders on the floor. I nearly ran out crying (I am terrified of spiders). It only lasted two hours before I left. I also have to do inventory at the previous location of camps, but that house is so scary to be in by yourself (we did camp there my first year working there). I told my boss she had to go there with me to do inventory!


Dani Stevens is an editor at the HC chapter at SAU. She oversees article editing. Beyond HC, Dani is involved on campus in SAAT and symphonic band. She also works in the music department as a work study. Dani is majoring in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education. In her free time, Dani plays clarinet and saxophone. She also is a mom to six plants. In the summer, she works as a camp coordinator. For this year, Dani is working in Adaptive and Inclusion through Davenport Parks and Recreation. She also runs her own podcast called Pop Culture Blast.