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How To Style: HC Halloween Long Sleeve

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Thanks to those who have purchased our newest Halloween themed long sleeves! This basic nude colored shirt is perfect to style with anything you may have in your dorm room closet. 

Here are the ways you can style your long sleeve: 


Vest / Jacket 

What’s great about our long sleeves, there’s no crazy design on the front. The detailed sugar skull is printed on the backside so you are able wear any vest to show off the cute nude color. 


Knit Scarf 

The look of your outfit starts to soften up and completely screams Fall season with just adding a chunky knit cream scarf.  


Knit Socks 

More knit? Of course. We all like to keep our outfits pretty simple and basic but by showing off a little bit of color, it can really make your outfit stand out so much more. 


Bean Boots / Duck Boots 

Bean boots also called Duck boots, can be found almost anywhere. Not only are you prepared for the chilly Fall weather but you’ll be set for Winter. Wondering where to look for a cheap pair? Stop by T.J.Maxx (located in North Ridge Shopping Center on 53rd, Davenport.) 



Not only are watches helpful with tracking time, it definitely makes your outfit look more dressed up. Most students on campus have an Apple Watch… but that shouldn’t top you from accessorizing your wrist. Rose gold dainty bracelets adds the cutest touch.  


If you would like the chance to be feature on our Instagram page, message us your photo wearing this shirt. We would love to post your photo and share with our followers how you styled it! 

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