How to Save Money this Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner which means no matter how merry and bright you are, your bank account is saying, “Bah humbug.” For all of the Boss Babes out there who work hard for their money, you deserve the most you can get for it! Don’t let holiday shopping ruin your cheer. Whether it’s treating yourself to a new festive outfit or finding that perfect gift, here are 5 easy tips to help you get the most jingle for your jangle. 

Know Where to Shop

Rather than shopping at high end or name brand stores, check out your local TJ Maxx, Marshals, or even Walmart for some great discounted prices.


Only Shop Sale Racks 

My top strategy for shopping on a budget is putting on the blinders and heading straight for sale racks. It may not look as shiny and new but you can often get lucky and find the perfect item for half the price! (If you're doing your shopping online, be sure to organize price from low to high)


Never Pay Full Price

Always. Shop. Sales. It can almost always be cheaper. Be sure you are getting something worth your hard earned cash!


Set a Limit Per Item

It helps to go into a store with a pre-set budget per item. Instead of falling in love with something then having your heart (or wallet) broken by the price tag, tell yourself it’s only worth your money if it’s within your price range.


Only Buy it if You Love it

If you have to think too hard about buying it, don’t buy it. I’ve found that items I buy despite my doubts, I don’t wear and they end up getting returned or donated. If you’re buying for a friend, be sure to get a gift receipt! There is nothing worse than being stuck with something you will never wear. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping! xo