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Julieanna Spring headshot
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How I destress as a dual-sport college student

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I play in two sports and sometimes it can be hard to find ways to destress, and it can be hard to find the time to destress. Personally when I have time to destress the ways I in which I can destress are endless as long as I have the time to do so. The first way also my favorite way is to watch some of my favorite shows. The second way I destress is to color. The third way is to draw in any style and sometimes draw my feelings. The fourth and final way that I destress which is also my second favorite way is to hang out with friends and family. In the time that I have to destress from school work and sports these have really helped me out.

Julieanna is Co-events coordinator at HC@SAU. She oversees event planning. Beyond HC, Julieanna is involved in marching band and lacrosse at SAU. She also works on campus in the curriculum library for the education students. Julieanna is majoring in forensic psychology. In her free time, Julieanna enjoys playing games, drawing, coloring, and hanging out with friends. Fun fact Julieanna has a cat on campus as an esa animal.