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How to Have the Perfect Halloween-Filled October

October has started, and as fall weather is approaching, Halloween is in the air. Embrace your inner-child this October and really get into the Halloween spirit this year. Even if you feel silly, celebrating this spooky holiday might relieve some stress or just create some good times. Check out these ideas for a Halloween filled month.


As college students, sometimes we miss that “homey” feeling we felt as children during holidays. One way to feel more festive is to decorate your living space! Hit up the dollar store, where you can find a ton of cute decorations that won’t break your budget.

Movie Night
Halloween has an abundance of movies pertaining to the holiday. Grab some friends, pop some popcorn, and satisfy your sweet tooth with some of your favorite candies. Make sure to turn off the lights and get comfy.

Hide behind the pillow scary movies:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Exorcist
The Hills Have Eyes

Not so scary movies:
The Addams Family
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Edward Scissorhands
Hocus Pocus

Scary Stories
Invite some friends and challenge them to go online in search of the scariest stories. Light some candles, play some creepy music in the background, and see if you can actually get one of your friends to freak out a bit. For you 21 and older readers, turn this into a drinking game. Anyone who breaks the story with a scream or giggle has to drink!

Costume Dress-Up
Most department stores are flooded with Halloween costumes. Bring a camera and friends to play dress up like you did as a kid! Even if you would NEVER be seen in public in a certain costume, try it on. The worst that can happen is you get some laughs. Make everyone pose to take pictures and pick out your favorites.

Haunted Locations Road Trip
On a dark night, when you and your friends are looking for something interesting to do, try a road trip to some seriously haunted locations. Burn a CD with some music that will get you in the Halloween mood. Some songs like: “I Put a Spell on You”, “This is Halloween”, and “Thriller”. Google haunted places in the area, write down the addresses and directions, pack some friends in the car, and set off to make some creepy adventures!

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