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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Disney Princesses

When we were little we had some great fashion trends: scrunchies, neon leggings and all of those fantastic Disney princess outfits.

As we got older we had to say to goodbye to most of our stylish clothing. But, let’s be honest, we all secretly wish we could still dress just like our favorite Disney characters every once and a while. Here’s our chance.

Check out these modern outfits you can put together, while still looking like your favorite Disney princesses!  Dreams do come true.


1. Cinderella

Everyone loves Cinderella.  Not only could we relate to her having to do chores during the day (even though we had it WAY easier), but she also had the most fantastic dress that we all promised ourselves we would buy one day when we grew up.  Sadly, not many of us have an excuse to wear a dress like that while in college.  To make it practical, pick a dress that has blue and white and is more lightweight and flows.  Add the sparkly blue earrings, and don’t forget about the shoes!  Glass slippers wouldn’t be the most practical, but these gold and silver flats add the shine you want.  And “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,” the outfit is complete!
(dress: Forever 21, earrings: Piperlime, shoes: Piperlime)


2. Princess Aurora

Who doesn’t love a princess who knows the importance of sleeping?  Aurora was always one of our favorites, especially because of her beautiful dress at the end of the movie that changed colors.  Besides having the coolest dress of all time, Aurora was also way ahead of her time, knowing all about the peplum trend.  For a modern translation of Sleeping Beauty’s look, find a light pink peplum skirt that hits at the knee.  Tuck in a comfortable blouse and add a necklace.  Of course the necklace has to be blue…or pink…or maybe blue.
(blouse: Forever 21, skirt: Top Shop, necklace: Forever 21)


3. Jasmine

Jasmine was the kind of princess who wasn’t afraid of adventure.  We loved her long hair and cute outfit.  Oh, and we were so jealous she had a tiger.  To make Jasmine’s outfit a little more trendy for today, pick a sheer white blouse to wear on top.  Jasmine loves her jewels, so find one that has a jeweled collar.  Colored jeans are still in, so pick out a pair that are Jasmine-blue.  And this princess is not afraid to wear shoes that pop, so add some studded gold flats to complete the outfit.  Now if only we could find that magic carpet…
(top: Asos, jeans: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Steve Madden)


4. Belle

We all have a soft spot for Belle.  A princess who is smart and wants to save her dad, we all wanted to be like her.  It also doesn’t hurt that we all envied her amazing yellow gown from the end of the movie.  Now, similar to Cinderella, it isn’t exactly normal to wear something like that to 8 am class on Wednesday, but we have a solution that could definitely be worn on weekends.  Find a yellow dress that has some movement.  Add a blue necklace for more color, and a pair of heels to finish!
(dress and necklace: Forever 21)


5. Snow White

Snow White taught us many lessons.  Not only do we avoid taking food from strangers, but we also know to not be afraid of mixing up the colors when picking out an outfit.  Find a solid blue or deep purple blouse and add a mustard-yellow maxi skirt.  Find the perfect red clutch, and tada!  You are Snow White in 2012.  Just don’t take that apple…seriously, it won’t end well.
(shirt, skirt and clutch: Urban Outfitters)
















Mary is a senior at St. Ambrose University majoring in English and journalism. She is originally from Naperville, IL and hopes to one day be back in Chicago. In the past Mary has interned for Sourcebooks, a publishing company in Naperville, and this past year she studied abroad in London and interned at Parliament. She hopes to one day be an editor in publishing at a magazine or at a publishing group like Penguin. Besides being the founding editor of Her Campus St. Ambrose, Mary is also a writing tutor at St. Ambrose. In her free time, she loves to travel, hang out with family and friends, and shop a little bit too much at Gap and J. Crew!
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