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This is an easy and quick way to transform any size canvas into a cute new picture! Use this to mix up the way you use canvases!!

Gather Your Supplies 

Cut the Canvas Off of the Frame 

Use an Exacto knife or any other sharp tool, run the blade along the edge of the staples (highlighted blue in the picture above). 

Remove the Canvas from the Frame 

Gently tug the canvas out from under the staple. Do this all the way around the canvas until it is no longer attached to the frame

Trace the Frame Onto the Canvas 

Flip the Canvas onto the front and place the canvas on top. Trace the outer edge and the inner part of the frame onto the canvas. Try to fit it into the nice part of the canvas.

Cut Off the Excess Canvas 

Cut off any of the extra canvas that used to wrap around the backside of the frame. Use the red lines in the picture above as estimate, it doesn’t have to be exact!

Paint the Frame

Next, you’ll want to paint your frame first so it has time to dry. I used a basic brown, grey, and black mixture, but you could paint it any color you like! 

*Hint: If you water the paint down, it goes on more as a stain!

Paint the Canvas 

Paint your Canvas however you choose to! Use a cute scene or a simple quote or whatever your heart desires! Just be sure to stay mostly inside the line you traced from the frame, anything outside of that will be covered by the frame.

Attach the Canvas to the Back of the Frame

Run glue (I used hot glue) along the edges of the canvas and attach it to the frame! 

And that’s it! One canvas transformed into a picture with a frame!! Enjoy and feel free to explore with this idea!

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