How to Adjust With A Difficult Roommate

Living with a stranger can be difficult at times, but there are times that can be good and bad. It’s a rare chance that you will become besties with your roomie right off the bat, but on the chance that you do great news! The other chance that you don’t a lot can happen and a lot can influence what happens. The beginning can be great but little things can add up to make it not so great anymore.

Some little things that add up that may upset you include: 

1.  They leave their clothes all around


2. They don’t wash their dishes

3. They start to be rude

Whatever the case maybe you just need to take it day by day. Talk to your roommate about what the problem is and adjust to it. Talk out all your problems little or big to help resolve the issues. Do whatever it takes to make the situations better!

Also don’t be afraid to switch, if it isn’t meant to be then it’s not meant to be. There is nothing wrong with being straight up and wanting to switch roommates and find someone better for the next year! Also talk to your RA about problems, they won’t be match makers and fix all of your problems but they could help ease the tension.

No matter what the problem is or how big the situation is, there can always be a solution. 


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