Holiday Gift Ideas

Can’t think of anything to ask for this Christmas? I run into this issue all the time because my birthday falls right before. Sometimes coming up with reasonable gift suggestions can be tough so here’s some ideas that will hopefully kick off your list.

  1. Some new leggings so you can be comfy all month long
  2. Happy Light
  3. Makeup mirror
  4. A new beanie for our upcoming chilly months
  5. Joggers
  6. Perfume 
  7. Candles
  8. Cute masks to coordinate with your outffits
  9. TV subscription like Netfflix, HBO, or Hulu
  10. Chunky blanket
  11. New backpack
  12. Some travel gear for when COVID finally ends, like a new neck pillow
  13. A super cute shoulder purse to hold all your belongings
  14. A new comfy sweater
  15. Some fuzzy pajama pants
  16. Booties for winter
  17. French Press for yummy coffee
  18. Wallet
  19. Phone Case
  20. Portable changer
  21. Air vent phone holder
  22. Some university apparel
  23. Decorations for your space
  24. Punny tshirt, especially cute for teachers and nurses
  25. Some board games for a girls night in