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Happy November 1st! It is National Gratitude Month! What do I think of when I hear the word gratitude? I think of the words; Thankful (hint hint THANKSGIVING is this month), Blessed, Giving, Appreciation, and Kindness. 

Some ways to celebrate this month can be to spend quality time with your loved ones, send a card or text of appreciation, give back to your community, or make a gratitude journal! Something you can include in your journal is some pictures of great memories from your week, name a few things you’re grateful for the day, and goals on how you can show your appreciation to those around you. Another way to show thanks is to make something special for a friend, like their favorite dessert or meal. Oh! And don’t forget to thank yourself too! And no it’s not selfish it’s #SelfLove #SelfCare!

Self care can be a variety of activities like a mini spa (painting your nails + a face mask), grabbing your cozy blanket and snacks to watch a movie/show (I’m currently watching Only Murders in The Building on Hulu), etc. Another great way to show yourself some love is by making cute little quotes or words of affirmations around your room/home. It’s nice to put these up by places you see everyday. For example I have one on a picture frame of friends/family that says “I have people who love and support me.” Again, these can be put wherever it makes sense for you!

And of course, giving back to the community is another way to celebrate this month. For example, I like to take advantage of the service opportunities offered through SAU’s Campus Ministry Bulletin that is sent to SAU students, faculty, and staff. Ever since I started to volunteer it has made me feel even more blessed and appreciative of what I have, rather than what I don’t have. Overall it makes me feel happy that I can give my time and support to others. You do not need to be religious to be a part of the opportunities that Campus Ministry offers, it is open for all to explore, learn, and reflect. 

Although these are some of my recommendations, and my definition of gratitude, what are some ways you plan to celebrate this month of Gratitude? What does Gratitude mean to you?

Yaz is a Writer at HC @ SAU. Beyond HC, Yaz was involved in many campus clubs and organizations as an SAU Student. She is an alum working at SAU. Yaz majored in Spanish and minored in Leadership and Marketing. In her freetime, Yaz likes to paint her nails. A fun fact about Yaz is she is a first generation college student.