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The month of October flew by in a blink of an eye. We definitely didn’t miss out on the greatest weekend — HALLOWEEKEND.

For those of you who missed out on seeing these groups walking out on the spookiest nights, here are a few of the best group costumes of 2017 at SAU:  


1. Full House 

CUT. IT. OUT. It’s a full house in Franklin Hall. Ally Buse’s group recreated everyone’s favorite family TV show. 



2. Wizard of Oz 

These girls may have gotten lost following the yellow brick road but we’ve certainly found them! Erin Schultz’s group showed that there was no place like Ambrose. 



3. Zoo 

Take a walk on the wild side because Eva Latz’s group showed up as the entire animal crew. We would be lion if we said these girls didn’t go wild without their zookeeper on Saturday night. 



4. Care Bears 

By the looks of it, these best friends took care of each other after a night filled with BOOze. Congrats to Alayna Pullara’s group on winning the costume contest at Carriage Haus Thursday night! 


Until next time, goodbye Halloweekend. We’ll see who can creep it real in 2018. 

Photos: Full House | Wizard of Oz | Zoo | Care Bears 

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