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As the heavily anticipated(dreaded) holiday of love looms in the distance, there is only one thing on the minds of the perpetually single crowd of people that cohabitate the Earth with the cupid-struck, heart-eyed minority. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bitter about them being happily in love, or me not being. In fact, I am proudly single. I will profess that from the rooftops, but the fuschia and scarlet laden aisles of every single store in America seem to weigh on me more than I thought they might. 

You see, I am not sad that I am single. I am not lonely. I am not upset that I will not have flowers or chocolates or jewelry delivered to me in a grand gesture of consumerist tradition marketed as infatuation. No,  I am more so disappointed that I have never once had the opportunity to throw an epic Galentine’s Day celebration. Most of my friends are otherwise preoccupied; happily bathed in mutual adoration with their significant other on international day or romance. However, I have had this party planned since I was about 12 years old, so I have some great ideas. Even if I cannot celebrate(which I will anyway because I am not one to sit and soak in my own melancholy attitude), I thought that I would share them with you so that you can plan and execute your own celebration of singledom and friendship. 

  1. Pick a movie. Some of my favorites on the day are as follows:
    1. Valentine’s Day- Cliche, I know, but good nonetheless
    2. The Princess Diaries- Come on. Need I say more?
    3. Someone Great- If you haven’t seen it already, do yourself a favor and get on it.
    4. Kill Bill- Nothing says “single woman” like this movie.
    5. Warm Bodies- Zombies? Check. Funny? Check. Love story? Kinda.
  2. Make chocolate covered everything. Strawberries are always considered a win, but let me tell you: chocolate covered raspberries, rice krispie treats, brownie bites, cookie dough, etc. deserve just as much hype. Make whatever you want, there are no rules!
  3. Write love letters to yourself. Tell yourself all of the qualities that make you proud. Compliment yourself. Decorate it cute and then lock it away for a day when your self esteem has taken a hit. 
  4. Write letters to your friends too. Tell them all the reasons that you are happy they are your friends and then mail them or hand deliver them.
  5. Cook yourself and your friends dinner. Make it a group effort. Assign one course to every person, or work on all of the courses together. Blast music in the kitchen and dance around while you do it. Just don’t set anything on fire in the middle of a Taylor Swift solo.
  6. Get dressed up and go out if that’s your thing. I am definitely an introvert and am not a fan of clubs or bars, but if that’s your vibe, by all means. Pick an outfit and a makeup look you feel confident in and go shake off all the bad feelings on the dance floor. 
  7. Buy yourself flowers, or better yet, plant some. I know that flowers can be really expensive on Valentine’s Day, but buying the seeds to grow some is never too hard on the wallet. Target and Walmart have seeds for like $1.50 right now, and then you would have something to nurture and take care of for the next few months. 
  8. Call your parents or siblings; people who love you unconditionally no matter what. I know that sounds really lame, but I promise they would love to hear from you.
Hi! My name is Isabelle. I am a Junior at SAU majoring in Secondary Ed and English with an endorsement in ESL. I enjoy brunch dates, discovering new places, thrifting, and can usually be found in the woods hiking.
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