Five Popular Spring Break Destinations

With Spring Break right around the corner, plans must be made soon in order to make it the BEST break yet. There are plenty of things to see, places to go and fun to be had. So, what are you waiting for? Here is a list that will explain five popular places for spring breakers to escape to for a memorable break away from school and all your responsibilities!

1. Las Vegas

Okay, so Vegas isn’t necessarily the tropical destination everyone imagines for a spring break, but it still has a lot to offer. Las Vegas is like the college experience on steroids. You have the educational aspect with all the museums, the insanely high debt aspect with all the casinos, and the true night life experience with all the clubs around. And if you want to get the complete Vegas experience find that special someone and walk into a chapel to elope. Most importantly though, never forget the slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."


2. Los Angeles  

LA offers a variety of activities to do over your break and there is also a chance you will spot someone famous while doing them! As soon as you “hop” off the plane you will be singing Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, without a doubt. This jam will be the theme of your entire trip. A couple things to do in Los Angeles are visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, walk the Santa Monica Pier and hike one of the many beautiful trails the area has to offer. From beaches to shopping to dining, you will never run out of things to do in this happening place.


3. South Padre Island

We have all heard it before, "Everything is bigger in Texas," and the South Padre Spring Break experience is no exception. Don’t believe me? See for yourself and plan your next trip to this wild and crazy place. Most of the other months it is a nice place for families, but during March, watch out; it is filled with college students from all over! During the Spring Break season there are also a ton of activities going on at the beach, including performances from top singers! The atmosphere is great and something you do not want to miss out on.


4. New Orleans

Hellooooooo New Orleans. This place is known for being a fun filled place full of good times. There is also something her for everyone. The night life in incredible with live music, good food and even better drinks. If you end up here on your Spring Break you will not be disappointed, especially if you hang out on Bourbon Street and make a visit to the French Quarters. Not only is the night life something you won’t want to miss, but the amount of culture that is packed into this place will be unforgettable. There are a ton of markets going on and parks to visit. If you plan on going here for your break, I hope you are ready for all this place has to offer, because it will be one of your all-time favorite places to go.


5. Panama City Beach

PCB is a great place to get the ideal Spring Break experience. It has been a popular break destination for years! If offers a variety of activities so no one will be bored. It has your usual vacation fun such as mini golf, go karting and jet skiing. However, if you want to be more budget friendly it is 100% acceptable to just wake up and spend every day lounging on the beach getting tan and quenching your thirst with an iced down cooler readily available at your side. Most of the resorts have top of the line pools that you can hang out in and the beach is right there as well. As far as the nightlife goes PCB does not disappoint. There are numerous bars and clubs that will make the decision of which to go to next nearly impossible. With all this wonderful place has to offer it is no wonder it has been a top destination for so long, better go check it out for yourself!