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Five Pocket Friendly Traveling Tips

They say “travel while you’re young,” but how are we supposed to travel when we are college students and have $52.45 in our bank account? Here is a list of some pocket-friendly recommendations when traveling over spring break.

  1. Go somewhere you have family or friends you can stay with. It is a good way to spend time with them and experience a new city! 
  2. Don’t book your airline ticket too early or too late, three to four months out is the best time to book tickets.
  3. When you do book your airline ticket, they say the best time to do so is Sunday night or Tuesday afternoon because that is when Monday’s left over discount tickets come back into the airlines system.
  4. This tip may not be useful for spring breakers, but traveling during low season will save you a lot.  
  5. Road trip with your friends and split the cost of gas. I’m positive it will be cheaper than spending money on a flight (unless the car breaks down, that’s another story). 

**Photos provided by — Family That Stays Together, Calendar, Car 

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