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Amy Marcy Cheney Beach may not be familiar to most, but she was known as the first ever woman composer and a talented pianist. She was born in the United States in New Hampshire. By the time she wrote her first symphony she was 32. Her first song was called Gaelic. It was played in the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the year 1896. Although it was her first song, it was not the one she was most known for, even though the song was flowy and gorgeous. Her most popular song was called By the Still Waters which helped her become known in the music realm as the very first woman to ever be a composer. Since her, there has been many more woman composers and the music industry changed so much since then.

Madison is Co-events coordinator at HC@SAU. She oversees event planning. Beyond HC, Madison is involved in symphonic band and marching band at SAU. She also works at Hy-Vee as a cashier. Madison is majoring in Business Managment. In her free time, Madison enjoys drawing, writhing her own stories, baking, hanging with friends, and playing a friendly game of chess. Fun fact Madison wants to own her own Bakery when she is older.